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Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of Ross Baker Towing, Inc.

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All sales are final and items are sold “as is where is” without refund. The transportation, shipping and delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer. By adhering to the terms for our sale you agree to our refund policy and have reviewed and understand all terms of the auction process including our deposit, final payment and time lines associated with closing out the transaction. All deposits are refundable with the exception of those where the customer is the winning bidder on an item via the auction. In such case the deposit will be applied in full to the purchase price of the item. If the buyer does not close out the transaction in the time frame required and satisfy the balance due for the item in which they were the winning bidder as per the “Terms” of the sale the buyer will forfeit their deposit in full and no refund will be allowed. Registered bidders who qualify for buying via a deposit prior to each sale will receive their refund within 24 hours for the deposit if no purchase was made by winning bid.

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